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By Ali Rasheed Ibrahim Published on 26/02/2020

Treatment for common fall and slip injuries

After such an injury, immediate treatment is required to relieve the intense pain.
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Ali Rasheed Ibrahim

Published on: 26/02/2020

Ruggalu beys
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As humans, we often encounter injuries after falling down or from a slip. Often, immediate treatment is required to relieve the intense pain.

In this article we bring you a traditional treatment that can be easily prepared at home. The local name of the medicine is called “Ruggalu beys”.


Items needed

5 g “dhon beys”

5 g “habaru”

1 large “arolhi” / Black Myrobalan

1 “esma” / Strychnos Potatorum

How to prepare

Grind the medicine along with 1-2 egg yolk until the mixture becomes smooth.

How to use

Apply the mixture evenly on the affected area, and wrap it with a thin layer of cotton. Apply a second layer of the mixture on top of cotton until the cotton is sticking onto the skin. Leave it on until it dries and comes off on its own. Avoid water contact within this period.


Ali Rasheed Ibrahim from N. Henbandhoo / Thundi is a renowned traditional medicine practitioner in the Maldives. He has been working in this field for more than 35 years and now consults patients in his clinic, “Ali Rasheed Dhivehi Beys Clinic”. For more information on the medicine, call 7820213!

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