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By Nabeel Ibrahim Published on 24/10/2019

Traditional Medicine for colds

There are mainly 3 medicines, that the experts recommend us to use for the treatment of colds
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Nabeel Ibrahim

Published on: 24/10/2019

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Traditional Medicine experts have explained how different medicines can be used to treat colds. There are mainly 3 medicines. “Kothabirisarubathu”, “Muikothabiri” and “Veymuisarubathu”. Below, we explain how to prepare, the items needed and how to use these medicines.



Kothabirisarubathu can be used for dizziness, fever and itchiness as well. After preparing, it can be stored for a short amount of time.

Items Needed

10 g "Kothabiri" (after washing and cleaning)

6 g "Kelaa fuh"

600 ml rain water

300 g sugar

How to prepare

  1. Mix Kothabiri and Kelaa fuh with water and leave it overnight
  2. Boil until ½ is left, and pass the liquid through a sieve
  3. Add sugar into the mixture and cook until bubbles appear
  4. Remove the froth and pass it through sieve

How to use

Every 6 or 4 hours, drink 2 table spoons, use for 3-5 days. By reducing the amount of Medicine you intake, the number of days can also be increased.



Muikothabiri can be used to increase heart strength, help with digestion in addition to using it for colds. After preparing, it can be stored for a short while. And before using, the user must mix the container well.

Items Needed

8 g "Kothabiri fuh"

240 ml Honey

How to prepare

Mix Kothabiri fuh with Honey well

How to use

Use 2 tea spoons, thrice or twice a day, for 10 consecutive days. If needed, the number of days can be increased.



One of the most popular traditional medicines in our community. This medicine can also be used for fever, coughing and difficulty breathing due to cold. After preparing, this medicine can be stored for a short amount of time.

Items needed

10 g "Veymui"

10 g dry ginger

10 g "nabaz hakuru"

5 g "kolizaan"

5 g "vakifoo"

3 g cloves

900 ml rain water

450 g sugar

How to prepare

  1. Cut veymui, ginger and kolizaan into small pieces
  2. Grind all ingredients except nabaz hakuru
  3. Add all items into water and boil until 1/3 is left
  4. Pass the mixture through a sieve
  5. Add sugar and cook until bubbles appear, then cook an additional 3 minutes
  6. Remove the froth

How to use

Use 2 tea spoons, 3-4 times a day, for 5-10 days.


The Information In This Article Has Been Taken From The Book ‘Dhivehi Beys Veringe Aiy Mathee Foi’ By Ahmed Solih Hussain.

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