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By Naail Ali Published on 03/09/2019

The incredible benefits of the coconut roots

The age old saying “There’s no part of a coconut tree you could not use” is a fact we’ve all heard.
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Naail Ali

Published on: 03/09/2019

Coconut Roots
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The resourcefulness of our national tree the coconut palm is countless. Enjoying a refreshing coconut at the beach as the waves pass by is something, I imagine we’ve all experienced and cherished. The age old saying “There’s no part of a coconut tree you could not use” is also a fact we’ve all heard. One of the most useful yet underrated part of a coconut palm is the roots and its medicinal capabilities. The coconut palms root has been a key ingredient in traditional medicine in the Maldives for a large chunk of our known history. The roots are and were being used as a treatment for urinary issues, fever and diarrhea. But most well known are the amazing effect it has in curing skin diseases.

The root is commonly prepared for use in two ways. The first method is as follows. A handful of roots are cleaned and washed thoroughly and placed in a container filled with water (if you want to go all out on tradition, we recommend you use rainwater) and a bit of salt. The combination is heated up in a container (again, a “Theli” if you desire that spark of tradition) until it boils. Once its boiled of enough take the container out, let it cool and you are ready to drink the tincture. The second method is for application on skin. The idea is that around 450mg of roots are squashed with some water until it forms a fine paste. The paste is than applied onto areas of interest such as rashes or eczema. The tincture mentioned before is also an amazing ailment for heartburn as it removes blood clots within blood vessels.

The two main notable substances found in the roots are Saponin and Flavonoid. These compounds are amazing antioxidants and the main building blocks for the medicinal science behind its roots. The substances both refresh and rejuvenate the skin and the body when taken in the right doses with the perfect process of preparing.

In conclusion, the root of our super plant is an exceptional medicine used and proven by our forefathers and current generation scientists. Therefore, next time you get lost on an island it’s in your best interest to know coconut roots could soothe those sunburns.

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